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Brochure Distribution at Georgia VICs

Effective 2018

The GDEcD has a specific policy that allows tourism partners from around the state to distribute their marketing collateral at each of the 11 Visitor Information Centers. Once collateral is reviewed and approved, the availability of the materials is also provided to the 60 RVICs in Georgia. Read More >

VIC Fact Sheet

Read this fact sheet for information on yearly visitation and travel destinations for the majority of visitors to the centers. There is also information on peak and slow visitation periods to help partners when deciding where they need to send their collateral and when. Read More >

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GDOT District Contact List

This is the current list of contacts at GDOT. If you have a GDOT need, first find your district on the district map and then reach out to the appropriate contact to discuss your needs. Read More >

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GDOT District Map

This is a map of the official districts for GDOT. Locate which district you fall into and then establish communication with the GDOT representative from that district for any GDOT needs. Read More >

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VIC Contact and Address List

This is the current contact list for the 11 Georgia Visitor Information Centers (VICs). Please note that some of the VICs have different mailing and shipping addresses. Please send all collateral to the appropriate address based on shipping method. Read More >

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